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Casa de Amigos

Traditional rock house built on the foundation of an authentic mining ruin in the Historic Terlingua Ghostown.  It offers the unique local lifestlye with two separate bedrooms, full kitchen, private courtyard with firepit, private outdoor bath house* with enclosed shower and an excellent view of the Chisos Mountains.  *Read the entire AirBnB listing for unique features.

Terlingua Vaction Rental - Master Bedroom
Terlingua Vacation Rental Full Kitchen
Terlingua Vacation Rentals Authentic Ghost Town Ruin

Ghostown Ruin to Unique Getaway

Casa de Amigos used to be our home.  My father gave me this ruin to renovate in my early twenties.  When my father passed, we moved into his house to finish Amigos with flooring, windows, ceilings, a/c & heat and a unique bath house.  It took me 30+ years to get it done.  Comfortable living in our new space, we decided to make Amigos an AirBnB instead of moving back into it. 

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